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Single Message Either Burglar Alarm / Fire Alarm


An add on facility in alarm system or standalone model.  The parent equipment, besides activating hooters / siren also activates or self sending of auto dialer activates the auto dialer which in turn pre-nominated number and communicates pre-recorded message.


Five different telephone numbers (each telephone number can be single digit to maximum 16 digits) can be registered.  The total number of telephone numbers and messages can be any languages of 1minute such telephone numbers and messages can be changed whenever required.


Non valatile Memory - stored telephone numbers and messages can be saved up to life time without power back up.


Program - ON - Program mode enables the users to store telephone numbers and store message. On mode enables the auto dialer to dial the telephone numbers whenever alarm signal is coming into the auto dialer from parent equipment.


Without anybody's knowledge messages get transmitted.  Telephone line is tapped from incoming jack and wiring concealed.


It can be used not only for alarm system viz. burglar, Fire Access Control but also in share market to convey current share prices.  Can be designed for a specific purpose also.

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