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Fire Alarm System

Avert 2 Zone to 20 Zone Model
Conception of Design

In this design the concept of sensing fire is incorporated with Smoke Detectors (Optical and Ionization in cross zone configuration) and Heat detectors as per the suitability at the site to initiate Alarm at a centrally located panel.  Hooters located at strategic points will get activated to draw the attention of the inmates or the passerby in that area to identify the seat of life.

On hearing the Alarm from the hooters located at strategic points one can rush to Extinguish the fire with suitable Portable Extinguishers or through the yard hydrants depending on the nature of fire.

Description of the System / Selection of Detectors
Description of the System:

This system shall consist of suitable detectors, Manual Call Points Hooters of High Intensity, Central Control Panel and Batteries for Standby Power.  The Detectors suitably selected shall be located at Strategic Positions in the places of Fire Risk anticipated by virtue of a thorough study of the area, and shall be connected to the Main Control Panel through cables.

The Manual Call Points shall be located at places accessible for the inmates/passerby in that area, as they run out for help in the event of an emergency, located at convenient height such that any one can reach the Manual Call Point in the event of an Emergency.

The Main Control Panel shall be located at a place where the Man Power is available all the time or at least, they can reach the Main Control Panel as the Hooters go into action, so as to reach the seat of Fire in the event of an emergency.

The Hooters shall be located at strategic positions such that they go into action as the Fire is sensed by the Detectors, to draw the attention of the inmates/passerby in that area.

The batteries shall be located near the Main Control Panel, to form standby power on the event of "MAINS FAILURE".

Total Function of the System

In the event of fire breaking our, either detected by the detectors by sensing the smoke the smoldering stage or seen by the inmates or passers by prior to being detected by the detectors, the alarm in the control panel and Hooters appears.

On hearing the alarm from the Main Hooters the inmates, Security persons, or the passers rush to the Main Control Panel where the exact location of the seat of Fire is indicated by the flashing Red LEDs or lamps (along with and intermittent acoustical alarm), and as they proceed further on seeing the zone under fire on arriving at the areas of fire they look for the Response Indicators to be guided on the seat of fire. On confirming the seat of fire, the fire is put out with appropriate type of fire extinguisher.

The Control Panel also energies a siren if provided in the system to alert people in that area on the fire.

The panel will indicate if there is any short circuit in the printed circuit boards in it, or if there is short circuit or open circuit in the detector lines.  The panel will also indicated the Detector Head removal in "FAULT - OPEN" mode since the Detector lines are monitored.  The panel will also indicate if there is any Short Circuit in the Detector lines in "FAULT-SHORT" mode.

In the event of a Fault in any of the zones or zone cards the Main Control Panel will indicate "FAULT" in the corresponding zone in which the fault has occurred.

In the event of mains failure, the panel switches over to power derived from standby batteries automatically without any of its functions getting disturbed.  The panel switches over back to AC mains automatically when the power restored.

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