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Cash Box Alarm

Cash Box Alarm

When cash is transacted from one place to the other, it is safer to carry the same in a posh and sturdy briefcase with one carrier and one escort.  The escort shall have a "Remote" control for emergency operation in case of any attempt of snatching away the cash box from the carrier, calling for help from public.


The circuitry housed in a sleek cabinet is camouflaged in the interior of the "Cash Box" housing 12V 1.3 AH automatic rechargeable maintenance free batteries.  The box has provision for inserting an adopter for "charging" the battery when the box is not in use.  The alarm could be triggered with a mini remote which when activated, announces a pre-recorded distress message, calling for external assistance, with two flashers one on each side of the briefcase.  The alarm is also automatically triggered without pressing the remote immediately  the suitcase snatcher crosses 30feet from remote and also within a time frame of 12 to 15 seconds.


Before using the box, ensure battery charging and speaker effectiveness with flasher illumination.

Remove adopter, fill cash and close the lid.  The alarm is ready to get activated through remote.

Remote has 3 push buttons; extreme left is pressed to activate alarm which immediately releases the pre-recorded distress message relayed through built in speaker; the middle button is pressed to activate the flashers on both sides of cash box; the extreme right push switch is to shut off both flashers and relaying of distress message.

Distress message is pre-recorded which you can change any time to suit your requirement and the earlier message automatically gets erased.

Remote has full efficiency up to 100 meters and the speaker audibility in normal conditions has full effect up to 100 meters.

Little chances of alarm becoming inert expecting for when the battery is not charged, battery not chargeable or speaker getting ineffective.

When box not in use, it is advisable to plug in the adopter and push the other end inside the box (hole provided right of handle).  There is a charger indication near the hole.

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