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Cash Van Alarm

Cash Van Alarm System

When Cash or Valuables are transported from one place to another from Reserve Repositories or Vise versa, such specific automobiles are recommended to be fitted with a Cash Van Alarm System for safety of personnel and security of valuable.


Module of Alarm System housed in sturdy cabinet fixed proximity to Dash-Board of Vehicle.

Power connections are taken from the Vehicles DC Battery supply.

1 No. Emergency switch is provided on the Main Control which has indications of Alert / Inert mode which is automatic reciprocal to Ignition.

Separate ON / OFF switch with key can also be provided.

1 No. Panic Switch is given to Driver of the vehicle with one more switch provided to rearguard.

The Alarm when activated energises 2 Nos. AC/DC Electronic Hooters calling for attention of external assistance.


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