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1.  Burglar Alarm System ( Predator )
  • "Predator" Electronic Surveillance System for Application in High Security Risk Areas in Banking Sector and Financial Institutions.

  • "Supercop" Burglar Alarm for Application in Private Villas, automatic and remote control.

  • " Micro Controller Security Alarm System " with fully automatic and remote control.

  • Both the above alarm systems could be provided with remote control and Auto Dialer Facilities

2.  Auto Dialer
  • Auto Dialer can be attached to either Burglar Alarm or Fire Alarm System which is activated when the parent equipment is triggered.

  • Auto Dialer is connected with 5 or more telephone numbers to your choice.

  • The pre-recorded message for calling external help is available in the Auto Dialer.

  • When the parent equipment gets activated, it triggers the Auto Dialer which in turn dials automatically the present telephone numbers one after the other in continuous cyclic manner   on the pre-recorded message calling for external help.

Predator - Model III

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