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Super Cop


A dual powered sysem, Supercop comes with an uninterrupted 48hour's back-up facility.  The system is connected to all vantage points (doors / windows  shutters) and activates an alarm in the event of an intrusion.  The system is operable through a unique pre-programmed programmable password.  A panic switch attached as part of the device helps activate the siren under emergencies, intrusions or health hazards.

The Supercop Advantage
  • IC based technology

  • Rechargeable, maintenance-free batteries with low battery indicator

  • Sleek design, light weight

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Pre-set delay mode (entry & exit)

  • Amplified alarm that can be heard as far as 0.3km

  • Absolutely tamper-proof

  • Can be customised to user's needs

  • Prompt after-sales service

  • Suitable for homes, shops and offices

Additional Features

Auto Dialer: A unique facility that communicates the message of intrusion to 5 pre-determined telephone numbers.

Motion Sensor: This infrared enabled device helps detect the movement of people in area that cannot be installed with sensors.

Zone Isolation: A feature to isolate the sensors of any particular zone from surveillance on need basis.

Wireless Solutions: Supercop is also available as a completely wireless safety solution backed by superior infra-red rays based technology.

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