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Wireless Fire Cum Burglar Alarm System (Product Literature)

Qualitronics (Madrass) Private Limited is proud to present the latest Hitech user friendly most advanced WIRELESS Security Alarm including Fire Detection for Banks, Shops, Residential applications.  This system consists of control unit with the battery pack Battery back up and the same connected to maximum number of 14 sensors with WIRELESS.  UHF band sensor transmitters each sensor self powered with battery as well as powered mains depending on the type of sensors.

This basically has a small match box size operating key pad through which the system can be controlled, the key pad is also wireless and performs the function of initiating Alarm in case of emergency as well as the second key pulls the control panel in Day / Night mode respectively.  The third key resets the alarm.

The sensors could be of any variety such as Magnetic Switches PIR sensors, LDR, Glass Break Sensors, Pedal Switches and Fire Detectors (Smoke / Heat).

The Sensors are self-powered and do not have any wires to the Control Panels.  Similarly the hooter is signal stand alone self powered unit with built in flasher, on receiving an alarm the control unit issues an RF wireless code specifying the hooters.  Thus eliminates the need for connecting wires from the control panel.  Similarly the fire detectors are also wireless linked to the control panel which perform fire detection for 24 hours.

The sensors are configured as day sensors and night sensors, where day sensors are inactive during night similarly the night sensors inactive during day.  The fire detectors are 24hrs. operating as well as the handy key pad.

Advantages of WIRELESS Fire Cum Burglar Alarm System

1. Compact sleek and Tamper-proof.

2. All sensors are self powered

3. No wires between the Sensors and the Control Panel.

4. High security data link between Sensor and Control Panel.

5. Wireless link between Control Panel and Hooter.

6. Built-in Flasher in the Hooter.

7. Maximum 14Nos. of Sensors including keypad

8. Configurable Day or Night Sensors has suitable for any site applications.

9. Indigenously developed with full service back up.

10. Built-in Hooter in the Control Panel.


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